Fonden Gamle Sønderho
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  • 18-06-2023National Windmill Day14:00

    National Windmill Day

    From: 18-06-2023 14:00
    To: 18-06-2023 17:00
    The chairman Susanne Winsløw welcomes. There will be the opportunity to dance a Sønderhoning. We hope that many will show up in costume so we can make this day extra festive.
    Taste samples of bread baked with the Fonden's øland wheat are served, and as usual you will be able to buy Fanøkringle, coffee, punch, beer and water. We help with scarf binding at Møllen from 13:00.
    If you want to rent a Fanø dress from Fonden Gamle Sønderho, you can contact us well in advance so that we can make an agreement. Call Sofie Exner on tel. +45 21793579.
  • 16-07-2023Sønderho Day

    Sønderho Day

    Sønderho Day. Program
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