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Bliv frivillig i Fonden Gamle Sønderho på Fanø

Become a volunteer

The museums and collections are operated by the foundation "Fonden Gamle Sønderho" for the enjoyment of the town's residents and all those who visit. It brings life to the streets almost all year round. This is only possible because many people are willing to contribute their voluntary help. We are grateful for that, but we always need more volunteers.

Would you like to try being a shop assistant or a guide and share the local history of the town while being part of a team of enthusiastic volunteers? You are welcome to contact one of the contact persons below to get more information.


Wind Mill: Niels Brink Jensen, phone 2944 5471

Rescue Boat: Jørgen Ulletved,, phone 2112 9271

Fire Museum: Henrik Haar,, phone 2022 9809

Hannes HouseClaus Kromann-Hansen,, phone 5194 1135

Lorenzens ShopLisbeth Kromann,, phone 9340 1954

Costume CollectionAnnemarie Enevold,, phone 4046 1807

Tile Collection: Kim Holst,, phone 2370 1896

FestivityKim Holst,, phone 2370 1896

Or you can contact us at  or call +45 4162 2054 (Henrik Bay).

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