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Fonden Gamle Sønderho historie

History of the foundation "Fonden Gamle Sønderho"

In 1928, a group of summer guests and locals from Sønderho made the decision to actively work towards preserving the old Sønderho. Among the initiators were Niels Møller Kromann, a factory owner from Esbjerg, Dr. S. Krabbe from Sønderho, artist Heinrich Dohm from Copenhagen, and Dr. Kirstine Styrup from Copenhagen.

They subsequently founded the foundation "Fonden Gamle Sønderho", which is Denmark's oldest local preservation foundation.



The following was published in Fanø Ugeblad July 21th 1928:

“Wednesday July 16th in Klitpavillionen is an association called Fonden Ganle Sønderho established. The purpose of the association is to contribute to the preservation of the old culture in Sønderho. The following were selected for the board:


  • Læge S. Krabbe, Sønderho

  • Kunstmaler H. Dohm, København

  • Toldkontrollør S. Sonnichsen, Kolding

  • Revisor S Brinch, København

  • Kgl. operasanger Max Müller, København

  • Sognerådsformand N. Jerne Outzen, Sønderho

  • Kunstmaler Nøbbe, Flensborg

  • Frk. P Lund, Sønderho

  • Fabrikant N M Kromann, Esbjerg


The first mentioned was selected as chairman. It was agreed to organise a public meeting at “Minebanken”. The meeting was held yesterday”.



dune pavilion1928.png

Restaurant Klitpavillonen, located at Hønevejen, was built by photographer Petrea Lund in 1926. She used the pavilion as a café. It was in this establishment that the foundation "Fonden Gamle Sønderho" was founded on Monday, July 16, 1928. 

Inauguration of the Klitpavillon in 1926. Photo: Petrea Lund (Local Archive)

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