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Sønderho Gamle Redningsstation Fanø

Sønderho Rescue Boat Station

The typical old rescue station is fully equipped with a rescue boat and rescue equipment.

In addition to the rescue boat, you can see the equipment that the boat was equipped with, as well as other rescue equipment that could be used from the shore. The boat, mounted on wheels, was pulled to the shore by 6 horses.


There are also numerous panels with old photographs, descriptions, and crew lists of the rescue personnel.


A comprehensive historical booklet describing various rescue missions, prepared by the Sønderho Sognearkiv under the direction of Jørgen Lind, can be purchased at the rescue station for only 10 DKK.


Entering the rescue station is at your own risk!


Sønderho Rescue Station Fanø

By law on April 1, 1887, a state-owned rescue boat station was established in Sønderho.


On October 1, 1887, a new rescue boat arrived in Sønderho.


The boathouse was also built in 1887, and just 5 days after the arrival of the lifeboat, the boat and equipment were tested and found to be in order.

The first stranding in the station's history took place in July 1888. In the preserved old records, one can follow both rescue operations and exercises carried out by the 12-man crew.

In autumn 1888, the lifeboat station was supplemented with a watch and patrol service, primarily during the winter season and only in inclement weather with gales or storms.

At the same time, an alarm house was procured, which provided telephone connections to the boathouse and two locations on the beach. This naturally significantly reduced the alarm response time.


In 1938, the station received a new type of boat that had previously been stationed at Anholt. The rescue boat was also heavily utilized during World War II, as the crews of downed aircraft required assistance and rescue.

The last rescue operation with a rowing lifeboat took place in 1956. In autumn 1958, the station was equipped with a motor lifeboat. This has since been replaced, and today the station has state-of-the-art equipment.

In 1974, the old boathouse was officially decommissioned, and the old, well-served lifeboat was sent to Greenland. The lifeboat that can be seen today is not the original one but a boat of the same type.


Read more about the lifeboat station (in Danish):

- on Torben Garmers website "Mit Fanø".

- on Per Hofman Hansens website "Sønderho gamle Redningsstation 1887". 

Download: Redningsbådens historie (in Danish)




Contributers to the renovation of the lifeboat station:

Augustinusfonden, Fiskeri LAG and Slots- og Kulturstyrelsen

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