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Lorenzens Butik i Sønderho på Fanø

Lorenzen's Museum Shop

Lorenzen's Museum Shop, which previously served as a grocery store, is situated in the heart of Sønderho. Within the eastern section of the building, the foundation "Fonden Gamle Sønderho" operates its shop and displays a collection of traditional costumes.


Lorenzen's Shop in Sønderho Fanø

Old meets new

We offer, among other things, fine handwoven Fanø scarves, books about Sønderho, Sønderho music, double cards with motifs from the tile collection, earrings and more from Gitta Foldberg, bracelets with horn, leather, and amber from Tine Hørup, clothing from Basic Apparel, and fragrant soaps from Sæberiget.

The shop is located in the heart of a cultural gem and is operated by the Gamle Sønderho Foundation, which is a partner in the Wadden Sea National Park. Therefore, it is our vision that our range of products should, to the greatest extent possible, support ecology, locally made goods, and sustainability.



In the museum shop, you will find a small exhibition of the Foundation's beautiful old Fanø costumes and many fine artifacts from the sailing ship era in Sønderho.

Lorenzen's Butik Sønderho Fanø
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