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Old houses in Sønderho book

The book "Gamle huse i Sønderho" has been revived as a PDF book.


You are probably familiar with the book "Gamle huse i Sønderho," locally known as "Registranten." Since 1980, it has been an indispensable tool for owners of the old beautiful houses as well as anyone else interested in the history and architectural heritage of Sønderho. The book has long been sold out, but now the Fonden Gamle Sønderho has brought it back to life as an electronic copy in PDF format. In addition to being updated with modern postal addresses, it includes a street and house register, an updated city map, and an introduction. Equally useful is the fact that every word in the entire book is searchable, from personal and street names to terms such as “arkengab”, “murankre”, “sålbænke”, and “ådring”. You can download the book for free via the link provided.

We recommend not downloading the 130 MB file to a mobile phone that is not suitable for handling such large files. If you still want to give it a try, please refer to the instructions provided.

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