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Addendum to the Fanø songbook "Gather - separate"

Product number: book27

New addition to the Fanø song book "Samles - separates" with stories about Fanø's songs and shows. 


What is behind the romantic saying "Fanø is a small island", when the author Jes Sonnich Jensen signs it as "written one evening on the La Plata River in South America in the year 1889"? What drama is hidden behind the story of the barque ship Elisabeth of Simrishamn in the show "When the wind is obedient to us"? On what occasion was a poem written about a whale or a fire, and who wrote Sand på Gulvet's famous "Between Esbjerg and Fanø"? Not many people know that! Sønderhoningers and fans of course know what sakkuk, bakskuld, rådsgang or allemagasej are, but now kjøwenhoningers and others outside the island can also get an answer to this. 


Fonden Gamle Sønderho has just published an addendum to the beautiful songbook Samles – separates, which was published four years ago. 


Samles – separates has been published with sheet music, and thus the treasure of songs has been preserved for posterity. In the supplement to the songbook, you can now find answers to many questions that arise when you sing or otherwise become familiar with the many original Fanø songs and shows written between 1791 and 2015. Here you can also read about the history of the songs, their authors, composers and fiddlers, and in many cases references are also made to recordings by local bands Uhrbrand, Lydom and Cahill, Sand på Gulvet, Je' Sweevers and Det öksterste Hav. 


In addition, the supplement brings a much-missed index to both titles, first lines, composers and original tunes. The addition was created after a conversation with Vibeke Schøtt, who is the initiator of the songbook and has written most of the sheet music. Jette and Per Hofman Hansen subsequently prepared the fine supplement. 


The supplement is 40 pages long and in the same format as the songbook, so it can easily be placed in the back of the book.

Addendum to the Fanø songbook "Gather - separate"

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