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We've got peas - that's why it's Monday

Product number: book24

Author/Producer: Christian Poulsen

Fanøsail skipper Jørgen Beck's diary about a journey across the Atlantic and an account of his life.


How was life on a sailing ship in 1897 on a trip across the Atlantic? This is written by Fanø captain Jørgen Chr. Beck about in his diary.


In short texts we hear about simple diet, wet beds, damp clothes and boring weekdays with sky and sea as the only view. Despite a rough life, the diary is written with a lot of humour.


Interwoven into the diary is the account of Jørgen Chr. Beck's life from the time he went sailing at the age of twelve to his death at the age of sixty.


After 20 years on a long voyage, he landed on the island of Fanø where he was born and got involved in political work and the abstinence cause. In a time of much need and misery, he looked forward to a better world. But the parish council on the island was not  much for change.

We've got peas - that's why it's Monday

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